Female Friendly Garage

The UK motor industry is held in low esteem by many motorists, especially women drivers, after bad experiences in garages, dealers and new car dealerships alike.

We hear stories about women being charged more than men, indifferent customer service, shoddy garage workmanship, the use of baffling jargon and a tendency to patronise females despite the importance of their custom.

FOXY identifies signs of superior quality in the UK motor industry and explains these in a Garage Services Guide to help motorists choose the best and female friendly local garage or accident repairer rather than take a chance at MOT, car servicing or vehicle repair time…

Women drivers can now compare the quality and female friendly credentials offered by local garages, franchised dealerships, fast fits, accident repair centres and bodyshops who have signed the female friendly FOXY Lady Approved Promise stating “We work hard to be a female friendly business and we’ll never overcharge, patronise or sell women anything they don’t need.”.